Pump Dosing

The Dosing pump is a kind of pump which is specifically made up with inject a accurate and measured quantity of liquid into a stream of water, gas, or steam. These pumps are frequently utilized in various industrial, agricultural, and medical sectors where accurate and dependable dosing of chemicals is necessary.

RO Dosing Pump Working Process

  • Dosing pumps depend on a mechanism powered by a motor to draw liquid into a chamber, followed by a discharge valve that expels the liquid.
  • The amount of liquid dispensed is regulated by the pump’s diaphragm or piston stroke length or the motor’s speed.
  • Moreover, some dosing pumps have integrated microcontrollers that enable precise control over flow rate and volume.

E Dose Dosing Pump Price- INR 5229/-

E Dose Dosing Pump Specifications

  • It has a solid PTFE Diaphragm for long lasting life.
  • It has a user-friendly knob to adjust the frequency.
  • Double ball NRV ensures a long life .
  • Built in ARV ( Air Release Valve).
  • Adjustable Frequency.
  • Wetted parts suitable for most aggressive chemicals.
  • Lightweight
  • Level switch interlock available.
  • SPM – up to 400 spm
  • It works at high operating flow
  • Corrosion proof coating with powerful engine
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Excellent proportional control with higher turn-down ratio
  • No possibility of any leakage

E Dose Dosing Pump Technical Specifications 

  • Usage/Application – Water Treatment
  • Model – IMP64
  • Suction Tubing – 4-6mm
  • Voltage – 230 V AC
  • Dosing Rate – 6 lph (4kg/cm2)
  • Speed – 0-400spm
  • Power Source – Electric
  • Power Consumption – 30 W

Material of Construction:

  • Pump Head – PPO
  • Diaphragm – PTFE
  • Connectors – Glass filled PP
  • Suction/Discharge Tubing – PE.
  • Ball Seal – VITON

RO Dosing Pump Applications 

Dosing pumps are utilized in different industries for accurate liquid handling, including:

1. Water treatment: Dosing pumps add chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, and pH adjusters to water supplies, ensuring safe and clean drinking water.
2. Chemical processing: Dosing pumps precisely meter chemicals into reaction vessels and other process equipment, facilitating efficient and controlled chemical reactions.
3. Agriculture: Dosing pumps inject fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides into irrigation systems, optimizing crop growth and protection.
4. Medical: Dosing pumps deliver precise amounts of medication to patients, providing accurate and safe medication administration.


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