250 LPH-Semi Automatic RO-TDS upto 3000

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250 LPH RO Plant Specification

  1. The mode of operation is Semi-Automatic.
  2. There is no need of general Maintenance not needed.
  3. Due to Plug and Play system means easy to operate.
  4. The Water Recovery Rate is 30%.
  5. The Inlet TDS is Up to 3000 PPM.
  6. It offers Heavy Duty System, can operate for up to 10 hours non-stop.
  7. The Industrial RO plant made up of fully stainless-steel material
  8. It removes Dissolved Impurities like Mg, Ca and Salts.




250 LPH RO

The 250 LPH-Semi Automatic RO (Reverse Osmosis) system is a commercial or industrial water purification system designed to produce 250 liters of purified water per hour. It operates with minimal manual intervention, making it a good option for businesses that need a reliable and efficient way to produce clean water without the need for constant monitoring.

250 LPH RO Plant Main Features:

  1. Capacity:It produces 250 liters of purified water per hour, applicable for small to medium-sized businesses.
  2. Semi-automatic operation:Requires minimal manual intervention, with automated features for tasks like feed pump operation, pressure control, and flushing.
  3. Multi-stage filtration:Typically uses a combination of sediment filters, carbon filters, and a reverse osmosis membrane to remove impurities from water.
  4. Wide range of applications:Can be used in various applications, including food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and electronics manufacturing.

250 LPH RO Plant Advantages

  • It Provides high-quality water:Removes a wide range of contaminants from water, including dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals.
  • Cost-effective:Can save money on bottled water and water hauling costs.
  • Environmentally friendly:Reduces wastewater production and reliance on bottled water.
  • Reliable and efficient:Requires minimal maintenance and provides consistent water quality.
  • Things to Consider Before Buying:
  • Water quality:The type of contaminants in your source water will determine the specific RO system you need.
  • Flow rate:Make sure the system’s capacity meets your water demand.
  • Maintenance:Consider the ease and cost of maintaining the system.
  • Budget:RO systems can range in price relying on size, features and brand.

However, it is necessary to consider a few factors before buying this system:

  1. It has good Size and installation first make sure the system has the right size and capacity for your requirements and that you has the space and plumbing to install it properly.
  2. It has a low Maintenance and the regular filter changes and maintenance are necessary for optimal performance. Factor in the cost of replacement filters.
  3. Manual intervention:Remember that you will need to perform some tasks manually, such as turning on/off the system and replacing filters.

RO 250 LPH  Price- INR 108999


RO 250 LPH Quotation 
1 250 01 Rs.


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