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RO Cabinet Aqua Swift

RO Cabinet Aqua Swift
RO Cabinet Aqua Swift

RO Cabinet Shine

RO Cabinet Shine

RO Cabinet Shine

Ideal for those who wish to self-assess their ro systems or repair an outdated ro cabinet or body.

India’s favorite water purifier brand is made of 100 percent fresh food-grade plastic.

Filters and water are fully translucent, with a storage volume of 11 liters.


This body can be used to self-assemble up to six stages of ro, uv, and uf water purifiers; capacity: 11 liter

Water filters and cartridges are included with the warranty.

RO Cabinet Apple Alfa Transparent

RO Cabinet Apple Alfa Transparent

RO Cabinet Apple Alfa Transparent

  • Great for those who want to self-assess their RO Systems or replace their old RO Cabinet/Body with 100% Fresh Food Quality Plastic,
  • India’s Favorite Water Purifier Brand Semi Transparent See Through Filters & Water,
  • 10 Litre Storage Capacity
  •  RO ALPHA APPLE CABINET  can be used to self-assemble RO  , UV, and UF water purifiers with up to 11 levels.
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This Module is made especially for the people to choose RO spare parts of water purifier on their choice. These Spare Parts pertaining to various aspects of Water purifier you are going to make your RO. One year warranty is applicable on this self-build RO as per T&C.;




Please note that since this is a self-customized RO & built by the customer, It takes one or two days extra time as per scheduled delivery. We put our best effort to provide you the best in class products and services.



Cabinet with necessary spares:

The cost of this section includes Cabinet cost and other required spares like Adaptor/SMPS, Float valve, C Clamp, X Clamp, Wiring, Installation Fitting kit etc.




Choose any one from the each section/category than go for another section and please note that The section marked as “REQUIRED” is compulsory item to build/complete your RO Water Purifier and the section marked as “OPTIONAL” is not compulsory and it is just upon the customer’s choice.




If you want to Edit/Change the already selected spare part within section/sections than you have to first delete the chosen one in “ACTION” from the Cart, than after you choose/Add your new spare part again to make your RO.

If you have any other comments/issues/instructions- than please notify us in the checkout section, or call at 8800199166 (Whats App Enabled).