3000 LPH Water Softener 

3000 LPH Semi-Automatic Water Softener: Conquer Hard Water; Control the Process (Up to 1500 PPM)

You can experience powerful hard water treatment with the 3000 LPH semi-automatic water softener, capable of handling inlet hardness up to a staggering 1500 PPM. This system provides a balance between convenience and control; it is perfect for those who want some involvement in their water treatment:

Large-Scale Resolution:

The flow rate of 3000 liters per hour is applicable for households, commercial establishments, or industrial settings that require a significant amount of water. It can effectively deal with difficult water conditions, with a capacity of 1500 parts per million (PPM), removing scale buildup, soap scum, and mineral deposits. The semi-automatic operation provides convenience through automated functions such as feed pump operation and pressure control, while also allowing the option for manual control over regeneration to tailor the system according to specific needs. Experience the advantages and perks it brings.

3000 LPH Water Softener Advantages:

  1. Soft water delivers multiple benefits for your home and personal care.
  2. Firstly, it results in smoother skin and hair, giving you a refreshed and revitalized feeling.
  3. Additionally, it protects your appliances from the negative effects of hard water buildup, which can lead to premature wear and tear.
  4. You’ll also notice that cleaning requires less time and effort, as soap scum and scale are reduced. Soft water also allows you to make the most of your detergents, leading to more efficient cleaning.
  5. Lastly, soft water has a better taste and clarity, making it perfect for drinking and cooking.

3000 LPH Water Softener Specification:


Capacity  of Purification 3000 LPH
Mode  of Operating Semi-Automatic
Working Hardness 1500 PPM
Size of FRP Vessel 14*65 Inch
Size  of Multiport Valve 25 NB
Type Solid
Life  of Shelf 12 Months


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3000 LPH Water Softener Price – INR 49999


3000 LPH Water Softener Quotation

1 3000 LPH Water Softener 01 Rs.