1354 Vessel 

The 13*54 FRP Vessel sounds like a formidable water warrior, it is ready for conquering your hydration requirements.

This 13-inch diameter, 54-inch tall vessel is not just a container; it’s a tower of strength sculpted from durable fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). Imagine it as a guardian for your drinking water, repelling contaminants and delivering purity you can taste.This vessel boasts a sturdy, one-piece polyethylene liner which cradles your water such as a second skin. it is also Wrapped in a protective fiberglass shell, it stands firm against time and the parts, making suring years of reliable service.

With its impressive size, the 13*54 FRP Vessel can cater to different requirements. Whether you’re supplying fresh water for a large family or powering industrial filtration technologies, this vessel claims the capacity to handle it all.his vessel is surprising  lightweight, making installation and maintenance a breeze. Plus, its seamless design removes leaks and messy spills, so you can concentrate on enjoying clean water instead of worrying about its impurities.This versatility of vessel  is another secret weapon. From residential water filtration to commercial and industrial applications, it adapts to the requirements with ease.

1354 FRP Vessel Price – INR 5299/-

FRP Vessel 1354 Advantages

  1. This is fully 100% non-metallic construction.
  2. It contains one piece seamless molded vessel with no weld or joints.
  3. It is about 1/3 the weight of steel tanks and can be handled easily.
  4. It is available in standard Polyester or chemical resistant Vinyl ester construction relying on your requirements.
  5. It is simple for handling and installation.
  6. The vessels give best and cost-productive solutions for the most challenging applications.

 1354 FRP Vessel Applications

The FRP pressure vessels are used primarily for residential and small commercial applications are the following:

  • Water Softener
  • Water Filtration
  • Chemical Storage

 1354 FRP Vessel Specifications

Material FRP
Vessel Dimensions 13″ x 54″ inch


Usage/Application Water Treatment


Volume 80 LTR
Max Pressure 150 psi


Min Pressure 10 bar


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