C Clamp in RO

C-clamps In RO systems, are temporary solutions used for various purposes, unlike the permanent installation of X-clamps for securing filter housings. Here are the full details related to this product are mentioned below:

Function of C Clamp in RO

  • C-clamps have a basic design with a screw mechanism tightening the jaws to grip objects.
  • In RO systems, their applications are mainly temporary:
    • Holding pre-filters or post-filters during installation or maintenance.
    • Clamping tubing to a support bracket for temporary routing.
    • Securing other components during repairs or modifications.

Limitations of C Clamp in RO

  • Not best for Permanent Use: C-clamps are not created for the constant pressure and potential vibrations present in RO systems. They can loosen or leak over time, compromising system integrity.
  • Potential Pressure Leakage: Tightening them too much can damage tubing or components, while improper pressure might lead to leaks.
  • Size Compatibility: They can not always fit the specific diameter of RO components compared to dedicated clamps.

Alternatives of C Clamp in RO

  • X-clamps:  As described, these are specifically designed to make safe RO filter housings with a constant  leak-proof connection.
  • Compression fittings: These give safe connections for tubing in RO systems with easy installation and no special tools needed.
  • Threaded fittings: It is used in high-pressure RO systems, they give even stronger connections compared to compression fittings.

Price of C Clamp in RO- INR -2.5/-

Selection of the Right Clamp
  • For the temporary tasks, The C-clamps can be helpful, however use caution and ignore excessive pressure.
  • For permanent solutions or securing filter housings, choose dedicated X-clamps or fittings which meets your specific requirements and component sizes.

Specifications of C Clamp in RO

  • Material: Typically plastic (affordable, lightweight) or stainless steel (durable, corrosion-resistant).
  • Size: Inner diameter to fit pipe/tubing size and outer diameter to fit filter housing size. Common sizes include 2×2.5, 2×3, 2×4, etc.
  • Pressure rating: Maximum pressure the clamp can withstand (important for high-pressure RO systems).

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