Washing Machine Water Softener

250 LPH Washing Machine Water Softener protects your washing machine from the hard water. It secures your washing machine and clothes from lime scales caused by hard water and other contaminants using a water softening filter.

If you also felt that your clothes look dull and the fabric has lost its shininess after washing them in your washing machine.

Then use 250 LPH Washing Machine Water Softener. It decreases the effect of lime scales on your dresses. Thus retaining its color and softness.

As water quality worsens day by day, repairing the washing machine may cost you more than installing a water softener, and sooner it is going to be necessary for everyone to install a water softener in your home.

You can protect your washing machine and garments with the 250 LPH. Wave goodbye to the troubles caused by hard water.

Ensure the longevity of your washing machine by avoiding the accumulation of scale.

Preserve the brightness and softness of your clothes by avoiding the use of harsh detergents. Achieve cleaner clothes by reducing the amount of detergent used and effectively removing stubborn stains. Specifically designed for areas with a 400 parts per million hardness, it is ideal for locations with moderately hard water. Its compact size and simple installation make it compatible with most washing machines.

 Water Softener for Washing Machine Advantages

  1. This is a Comfortable Selection.
  2. Fully-automatic: Effortless maintenance with no refills or settings.
  3. Semi-automatic: you can enjoy some control over the regeneration process.
  4. Invest in cleaner, softer water for brighter laundry days.

Water Softener for Washing Machine Specification

Capacity  of Purification 250 LPH
Mode  of Operating Semi-Automatic
Working Hardness 400 PPM
Size of FRP Vessel 20 Inch
Size  of Connection 1 Inch
Type Solid
Life  of Shelf 12 Months


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250 LPH Water Softener for Washing Machine Price – INR 12599/-


250 LPH Washing Machine Water Softener Quotation 

1 250 LPH Water Softener for washing Machine 01 Rs.


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