500 LPH-Semi-Automatic RO-TDS upto 3000

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500 LPH RO Plant Specification

  1. The Water Recovery rate of water is Excellent.
  2. The Inlet TDS is Up to 3000 ppm.
  3. The MOC (Material of Construction) is Stainless steel.
  4. The Product is Robust in Design.
  5. This is very easy to operate, so that anyone can use it.
  6. This is easy to maintain.
  7. There is no General Maintenance is not needed.


500 LPH RO

The 500 LPH RO (Reverse Osmosis) system is a commercial or industrial water purification system which is designed to produce 500 liters of purified water per hour, making it suitable for a wider range of applications and larger water demands compared to 250 LPH systems.


Main Features:

  1. Capacity: Produces 500 liters of purified water per hour, serving businesses like restaurants, schools, hospitals, offices, and manufacturing facilities.
  2. Semi-automatic or Fully Automatic Operation: Options range from minimal manual intervention (semi-automatic) to fully automated systems with advanced controls and monitoring.
  3. Multi-stage Filtration: Employs a combination of filters like sediment filters, carbon filters, and a high-pressure RO membrane to remove various contaminants.
  4. High-Quality Purified Water: Effectively removes dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals, ensuring safe and clean water for various applications.

500 LPH RO Advantages

Here are few of the advantages of using a 500 LPH-Semi Automatic RO-TDS upto 3000 system:

  • It offers pure and safe drinking water.
  • It eliminates dangerous impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, making it suitable for drinking, cooking, and other household or commercial applications.
  • It also enhances tang and odor.
  • The RO membrane eliminates contaminates which can cause unpleasant tangs and odors, resulting in better-tasting water.
  • It decreases reliance on bottled water.
  • It Saves money and is more environmentally friendly than buying bottled water.

Considerable factors before purchasing-

  • Water Quality:Analyze your source water’s specific contaminants to determine the most suitable RO system and potential pre-filtration needs.
  • Flow Rate:Ensure the system’s capacity aligns with your peak water demand to avoid insufficient production.
  • Operation Type:Choose between semi-automatic for basic control or fully automatic for advanced features and monitoring.
  • Maintenance:Consider the ease and cost of maintaining the system, including filter replacements and membrane cleaning.
  • Budget:RO systems vary in price based on size, features, brand, and level of automation.


RO 500 LPH Price- INR 154999


500 LPH RO Quotation-
1 500 01 Rs.


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