250 LPH-Semi Automatic RO-TDS upto 3000

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250 LPH RO Plant Specification

  • The Mode of operation is Semi-Automatic.
  • There is no need of general Maintenance not needed.
  • The Plug and Play system means easy to operate.
  • The Water Recovery Rate is 30%.
  • The Inlet TDS – Up to 3000 ppm.
  • It offer Heavy Duty System, can operate for up to 10 hours non-stop.
  • The Industrial RO plant made up of fully stainless-steel material.
  • It removes Dissolved contaminants such as Mg, Ca and Salts.
  • The User for Industrial Purposes.



250 LPH RO

The 250 LPH-Semi Automatic RO-TDS up to 3000 is a water purification system that can produce 250 liters of purified water per hour and handle high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (up to 3,000 ppm) in the inlet water. It is designed for commercial or industrial use and operates with minimal manual intervention, making it ideal for businesses that require a reliable and efficient way to produce clean water without constant monitoring.


Essential Details of a 250 LPH-Semi Automatic RO-TDS 3000 System

This system produces 250 liters of purified water per hour, suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. It operates semi-automatically, requiring minimal manual intervention, and features automated tasks such as feed pump operation, pressure control, and flushing. The multi-stage filtration process uses a combination of sediment filters, carbon filters, and a reverse osmosis membrane to remove impurities from water, including dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. This system can handle inlet water with TDS levels of up to 3,000 ppm, making it suitable for areas with challenging water conditions. Its wide range of applications includes use in food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, electronics manufacturing, and areas with high TDS water. Using this system offers several benefits, including efficient water purification, reduced manual labor, and versatility in various industries.

Considerations to keep in mind before making a purchase:

– The ability to provide water of high quality, eliminating a wide range of impurities, to ensure it meets the necessary standards for different uses.

– The potential for cost savings by reducing the need for bottled water and water transportation, particularly in areas where high total dissolved solids (TDS) levels make bottled water expensive.

– The positive impact on the environment, achieved by reducing wastewater production and the reliance on bottled water.

– The reliability and efficiency of the system, which requires minimal maintenance and consistently delivers water of the desired quality.

– The adaptability of the system to handle challenging water conditions, including effectively purifying water with high TDS levels, making it a versatile solution for various locations.

Budget: RO systems can vary in price depending on size, features, and brand, so consider your budget when making a decision.


RO 250 LPH Price- INR 99999/-


RO 250 LPH Quotation 

1 250 01 Rs.


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