200 LPH-Automatic RO-TDS upto 1500

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20000 LPH RO Plant Specification

  1. The Body of RO plant is fully Stainless Steel.
  2. It contain RO (Reverse Osmosis) is the Purification Technology.
  3. The Purification capacity is 200 Liter Water per Hour.
  4. It removes all types of contaminants from raw water.
  5. The Material of construction is Stainless Steel.
  6. There is no general Maintenance not needed.
  7. The water Recovery rate is 70%.
  8. It Work on Inlet TDS upto 3000ppm.
  9. It is based on Plug and Play system then easy to operate.


200 LPH RO Plant

The 200 LPH RO plant is a commercial or industrial water purification system that can produce up to 200 liters of purified water per hour. It is typically used in applications where a large volume of high-quality water is needed, such as in:

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Agriculture

200 LPH RO plants use a multi-stage filtration process to remove impurities from water, including:

  • Sediment
  • Chlorine
  • Metals
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

The most common type of 200 LPH RO plant is a reverse osmosis (RO) system. RO systems use a semipermeable membrane to remove contaminants from water. The water is forced through the membrane under pressure, leaving the contaminants behind.

Here are the main features of 200 LPH RO plant

  1. It has a volume of 200 liters per hour, which is applicable for small households, offices, and establishments with moderate water consumption needs.
  2. Its TDS Upto1500 ppm, making it effective for treating moderately hard water and water with moderate levels of impurities.
  3. It has Automatic Operation and Features such as auto-flush and auto shut-off for convenient and worry-free operation.
  4. It has Multi-Stage Filtration which is generally consists of a sediment filter, carbon filter, and RO membrane to remove various contaminants. Some models may also include additional stages like pre-filters and post-filters for further purification.

RO 250 LPH Advantages 

  1. It offers clean and safe drinking water which eliminates harmful impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, making it suitable for drinking, cooking, and other household applications.
  2. It enhances taste and odor andThe RO membrane removes impurities that can cause unpleasant tastes and odors, resulting in better-tasting water.
  3. It decreases reliance on bottled water:Saves money and is more environmentally friendly than buying bottled water.
  4. It has the wide range of applications which can be used in different settings, including homes, offices, cafes, and schools.

200 LPH RO Plant Price- INR 119989

200 LPH RO Plant Quotation-

1 200 01 Rs.



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