Low Pressure Switch

The efficient operation and protection of a reverse osmosis (RO) system rely heavily on the presence of a Low Pressure Switch (LPS).

LOW PRESSURE SWITCH (LPS) LP Switch For All Types Of RO Systems LP Switch For All Types Of RO Systems LP Switch For All Types Of RO Systems LP Switch For All Types Of RO Systems LP Switch For All Types Of RO Systems LP Switch For All Type

  1. Accessible for a wide variety of RO models and labels.
  2. -Can be found in a range of water purifier styles, including counter top, desk top, stand mounted, wall hanging, and under sink models.
  3. Stop the RO motor from the hazards of a dry run (Motor Run without Water).
  4. This switch will activate and turn off the power supply if the RO unit is switched on without water in the overhead tank.
  5. Low Pressure Turn per pack, ideal for all types of RO Systems.

Functions of Pressure Switch Low 


  • The water pressure entering the RO membrane is monitored to ensure its stability.
  • If the pressure drops below a predetermined minimum, the LPS will automatically trigger a safety feature.
  • This feature will stop the RO pump in order to protect the membrane from potential damage caused by low pressure.

Understanding Low Pressure Causes:

  1. Insufficient water supply.
  2. Blocked filters or membranes before treatment.
  3. Malfunctioning pump.
  4. Leaks throughout the system.

Advantages of RO Low Pressure Switch

  1. The delicate membrane can be harmed and its lifespan and performance reduced by low pressure, so the LPS safeguards it.
  2. If the pump operates without enough water pressure, it can overheat.
  3. The LPS safeguards both the membrane and pump, which helps increase the overall lifespan of the RO system.
  4. Efficient water filtration and decreased energy consumption are achieved by maintaining the ideal pressure, improving efficiency.

Low Pressure Switch Price - INR-50/-

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