High Pressure Switch- HPS

The HPS  play a vital role in systems that utilize pressurized fluids, such as RO systems, water pumps, and industrial machinery. They are designed to monitor and control pressure levels within a predetermined range, thereby ensuring the safe and effective operation of the system.

HPS (High Pressure Switch) for RO UV Water Purifier has several ports and termination options.

  • This High Pressure Transition is used to maximise the uptime of a water purifier while simultaneously lowering the total cost of output.
  • This switch can be used for a wide variety of appliances. Various shapes and measurements are required to meet the needs of various appliances.
  • Single pole single throw circuit or single pole double throw circuit are the two choices for a High Pressure Turn.

High Pressure Switch Working Procedure 

High-pressure switches (HPS) usually function by utilizing a diaphragm or piston that is sensitive to pressure. This mechanism triggers an internal electrical switch when the pressure reaches a specific setpoint. If the pressure surpasses the setpoint, the switch opens, breaking the circuit and halting the pump or equipment. On the other hand, if the pressure drops below the setpoint, the switch closes, establishing a connection in the circuit and enabling the equipment to start operating again.

High Pressure Switch Price-INR-50/-

RO High Pressure Switch Types

  1. Adjustable switches enable users to manually modify the desired pressure within a specific range.
  2. On the other hand, non-adjustable switches come with a predetermined pressure set point set by the manufacturer.
  3. Automatic reset switches automatically restore and recommence the equipment once the pressure returns to the safe range.
  4. Conversely, manual reset switches necessitate manual intervention to reset and restart the equipment after a pressure overload.

Pressure Switch Valve Applications 

  • Reverse osmosis systems: HPS safeguards RO membranes by automatically halting the pump’s operation when pressure levels surpass a safe threshold, thereby preventing harm to the membranes.
  • Water pumps: These pumps feature a built-in safety mechanism that stops the pump’s activity when pressure exceeds its limits, thereby protecting the pump from overheating and potential damage.

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