Manual RO Flushing System

Manual RO Flushing System is a hand-operated RO flushing mechanism enables you to purge your reverse osmosis system of gathered contaminants and particles, thereby enhancing its effectiveness and longevity. Flush valves are often manually operated, but for RO units, electronic flush valves may also be used. It increases the life of RO membranes and reduces the amount of cleaning required. The manual flush valve expands the membranes’ service life in RO systems and enhances the control over output and required flushing gaps. This RO Membrane Manual Flush Switch is suitable for any position that needs limited maintenance.

System Flushing Advantages 

Advantages of Using System Flushing :

  1. It upgrades H2O Quality.
  2. It Consistent flushing eliminates impurities that can impact flavor and aroma.
  3. It Prolongs Membrane Longevity.
  4. Its daily detaching of buildup alleviates stress on the membrane, which extending its lifespan.
  5. It Minimizes Upkeep Expenses.
  6. The punctual flushing can help to prevent costly repairs or substitutions.
  7. It is also User-Friendly.
  8. The Manual systems are typically straightforward to set up and manage.

Work Procedure of Manual RO Flushing System

  1. The RO system is generally equipped with a valve and bypass line that are linked to the feed line.
  2. When the valve is triggered, it redirects water from the primary flow to the bypass line, which increases the water flow rate and helps to purge the membrane of any accumulated impurities.
  3. The water that is flushed through the system is then commonly directed to the drain.

Price of Flushing System- INR- 50/-

Specification of Manual RO Flushing System

  1. The material is used for making these items is usually plastic or stainless steel. Plastic tends to be less expensive, since stainless steel is known for its sturdiness.
  2. Your RO system’s feed line will link to the flushing device, generally using a standard fitting such as 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch compression fitting.
  3. The valve type can be either a simple manually operated valve or a timed valve with a timer that automatically initiates flushing at set intervals.
  4. The flow control mechanism can be set to open flow, which diverts all water flow to the flushing bypass, or flow restrictor, which increases water flow through the membrane during flushing while maintaining some flow to the permeate tank.
  5. The flushing period is adjustable, ranging from a few minutes to many minutes.


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