Low Pressure Switch

The Low Pressure Switch are used in different types of water tanks and pressure tank systems which closed or open with float valves. When the water pressure in the lines drops lower than the set pressure. Then a pressure switch cuts off the power supply and the pump will automatically turn off. This switch increases the life of your  pump, this is compatible with all the types of Water System. Made up of anti rust and Anti- Corrosive material which is very long lasting. It is a very high efficient switch which will effectively switch off the pump when pressure lowers than the optimum set pressure.

Low pressure Switch kp1 Main Features

  1. Compact and robust design:Built for harsh industrial environments.
  2. High pressure capability:Handles pressures up to 17 bar (245 psi).
  3. Adjustable pressure range:Allows for precise control over various pressure settings.
  4. Durable internal components:Ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
  5. Variety of electrical connections:It provides flexibility for different wiring configurations.
  6. Multiple contact functions:It offers options for various control applications.
  7. Wide range of approvals:It meets international protection and quality standards.

Considerable Factors:

  1. As with the KP36, ensure the KP35’s pressure range and other specifications match your application’s requirements.
  2. While both switches share similar features and design, their pressure ranges are distinct. Choose the appropriate switch based on your pressure control needs.


  1. Vacuum systems
  2. Refrigeration systems
  3. Air compressors
  4. Hydraulic systems
  5. Water treatment systems
  6. HVAC systems

RO low Pressure Switch Price- INR -1699/-


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Water Low Pressure Switch Specifications 

Brand Danfoss
Enclosure rating IP IP30
Enclosure rating Nema (~) 1
Max. test pressure [bar] Pe 22 Bar
Max. test pressure [psig] 319 psig
Max. Working Pressure [bar] 17 bar
Max. Working Pressure [psig] 245 psig
Packing format single
Pressure connection size 1/4
Pressure connection standard
ISO 228-1
Type Solid
Country of Origin Denmark
Pressure range category Low pressure
Enclosure rating IP IP30
Micron Rating 0.001
Colour White
Product family name KP35
Shelf Life 12 Months
 Qty. 1