TDS Meter

The TDS meter, also known as a Total Dissolved Solids meter, is a portable tool utilized for measuring the quantity of substances that are dissolved in a liquid, usually water. These substances can be a mixture of organic and inorganic materials, including minerals, salts, and specific chemicals. Elevated TDS readings suggest a greater concentration of dissolved solids in the water.

TDS Meter Price – INR -550/-

Water TDS Meter Usages

Diverse Uses of TDS Meters

  • Monitoring aquatic environments: Assessing water quality for aquatic life and vegetation.
  • Hydroponics: Tracking nutrient levels in liquid fertilizers.
  • Potable water analysis: Evaluating the cleanliness of drinking water.
  • Reverse osmosis system supervision: Monitoring the effectiveness of RO systems.
  • Comprehensive water quality assessment: For different applications, including gardening, cooking, and understanding water sources.

TDS Meter for Water Working Procedure 

Many TDS meters assess the water’s electrical conductivity (EC) and convert it to a TDS reading, usually displayed in parts per million (ppm), to estimate the concentration of dissolved solids in the water.

Selecting the TDS Meter Best for Your Requirements:

There are the following Factors to consider when selecting a TDS meter.

  • Characteristics: Would you require automatic adjustment for temperature, calibration, storing data, or a particular type of display?
  • Financial plan: Costs differ based on characteristics and intricacy.

Best TDS Meter Specifications 

  1. Hold function to save the measurements for convenient reading and recording.
  2. Auto-off function to turn off meter after 5 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries.
  3. 2 IN 1 tool to find total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature.
  4. High quality, anti-rust, anti-corrosive and high-precision sensor to always ensure the accuracy of the results.
  5. Quick and instant results.
  6. Compact and acts as an ideal water purity tester.
  7. Handy tester for field use with clip-on feature.
  8. TDS Measuring Range: 0-9990 PPM
  9. Resolution: 1 PPM (10 PPM for1000 to 99990 PPM)
  10. Accuracy: ±2%
  11. Probe Type: Titanium Alloy Electrode
  12. Temperature Measuring Range: 0° to 50°C
  13. Display: LCD
  14. Power Supply: Battery-operated (2×1.5V Button Cell)

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