High Pressure Switch

The KP36 High Pressure Switch from Danfoss is a versatile and reliable industrial pressure switch designed for various applications requiring precise and robust pressure control.


  1. High-pressure pumps and compressors
  2. Hydraulic systems
  3. Industrial machinery
  4. Process control systems
  5. Water treatment systems
  6. HVAC systems

Pressure Switch Hydraulic Main Features

  1. Compact and robust design:Built for harsh industrial environments.
  2. High pressure capability:Handles pressures up to 17 bar (245 psi).
  3. Adjustable pressure range:Allows for precise control over various pressure settings.
  4. Durable internal components:Ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
  5. Variety of electrical connections:It provides flexibility for different wiring configurations.
  6. Multiple contact functions:It offers options for various control applications.
  7. Wide range of approvals:It meets international protection and quality standards.

  Considerable Factors:

  1. Pressure and differential pressure requirements: Ensure the KP36’s range matches your application’s specific needs.
  2. Electrical specifications: Verify compatibility with your system’s voltage and current requirements.
  3. Environmental conditions: Consider temperature, humidity, and vibration levels in your application.
  4. Mounting options: You can select the appropriate mounting option based on your installation requirements.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable pressure switch for industrial applications, the Danfoss KP36 is a strong choice. Its versatility, durability, and wide range of features make it suitable for various pressure control needs.

High Pressure Switch for RO Specifications 

Brand Danfoss
Ambient temperature range [°C] [Max] 65 °C
Ambient temperature range [°C] [Min] -40 °C
Model Name High Pressure Switch
Gross Weight 0.34 kg
Net Weight 0.3 kg
Ambient Temp. (MAX) 65°C
Ambient Temp. (MIN) -40°C
Shelf Life 12 Months
Quantity 1
Type Solid
Country of Origin Denmark
Electrical connection size 6-14 mm
Enclosure rating IP IP30
Enclosure rating Nema (~) 1
Max. test pressure [bar] Pe 22 bar
Max. test pressure [psig] 319 psig
Max. Working Pressure [bar] 17 bar
Max. Working Pressure [psig] 245 psig


High Pressure Switch Price- INR 2299/-


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