Jumbo String Wound Filter

Jumbo String Wound Filter cartridge is a larger version of the standard string wound filter cartridge, typically measuring 4.5 inches in diameter and 20 inches long, compared to the standard 2.5 inches in diameter and 20 inches long. They are also known as jumbo depth filters or big blue filters.

Similar to their smaller counterparts, jumbo string wound filters are constructed by tightly winding polypropylene yarn around a central core, creating a multi-layered filtration media with increasing density towards the core.

Jumbo Filter Cartridge Applications

  1. Due to their larger size and higher capacity, jumbo string wound filters are ideal for high-flow rate applications in both residential and commercial settings. Some common applications include:
  2. Pre-filtration for reverse osmosis systems and other high-purity water treatment systems
  3. Industrial process water filtration
  4. Municipal water treatment
  5. Food and beverage processing
  6. Agricultural irrigation

Jumbo Spun Filter Advantages 

  1. Water filtered from Jumbo String Wound is safe for drinking as impurities get filtered out.
  2. Life of the plumbing system also extends when filtered water flows through the pipes.
  3. It also helps in lowering the costs of plumbing and appliance repairs.
  4. Jumbo String Wound is easy to maintain and construct and they also have great filter accuracy.
  5. High flow rates: Suitable for applications requiring high water flow rates without compromising filtration efficiency.

Considerable Factors before purchasing Jumbo Spun Filter:

  • Considerations: Size and compatibility: Ensure your filter housing unit is compatible with the larger dimensions of jumbo string wound cartridges.
  • Pressure drop: the filter captures dirt, the pressure drop across the cartridge increases. Select a cartridge with a flow rate and pressure drop that aligns with your system’s capabilities.


Wound Filter Cartridge Specifications

  1. This is made from high-quality Polypropylene.
  2. It has Filtration upto 5 Micron.
  3. Its Diameter is 4.5 inches.
  4. Its Length is 20 inches.
  5. It eliminates – sediments, dirt, and dust from water
Jumbo Filter Price- INR 599/-

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