Slim Cartridge Filter  

Introduction: This is a type of water filter cartridge designed to eliminate sediment, rust, and other molecules as small as 5 microns from your water supply. They are generally made of pleated polypropylene or polyester and are 2.5 inches in diameter and 20 inches long, making them suitable for standard filter housings.60 mm 20 inches Cartridge filters are made up of material such as polypropylene or wound strands and are widely used in the Industrial also domestic RO system to remove small suspended particles or sometimes chemicals from the water.

  • Usages:It can be used in  Residential drinking water filtration, commercial and industrial water pre-filtration, aquariums, and other hobby applications.These filters are used in industries like health care, pulp & paper, textile    , water treatment plants , water desalinization purpose , domestic as well as Industrial water treatment applications.

  • Slim Cartridge Filters Advantages

    • It decreases sediment, rust, and other molecules from the water.
    • It enhances water clarity and flavor.
    • It is Relatively affordable and easy to replace.
  • Considerations:

    • Not effective against dissolved contaminants, such as chlorine or heavy metals
    • May require pre-filtration for heavily sedimented water
    • Regular replacement is crucial for optimal performance, typically every 3-6 months depending on water quality and usage

Slim-Line Filter Cartridge Specification

  1. This is a melt blown filter made up of Polypropylene, best for prefiltration to various water treatment for drinking purpose or effluent & sewage treatment.
  2. It Has a high retention of sediments up to 90%.
  3. it is Best suited for applications such as RO System , UV Sterilizers etc.
  4. It is Sufficiently eliminates suspended particles by using a gradient density depth construction.
  5. Ideal for RO Plants having 100 LPH to 500 LPH Flow.

Technical Specifications:

Type of Filter Melt Blown
Material used in manufacturing Polypropylene
Size 60 mm * 20 Inches
Filters up to 5 Microns
Operating Pressure 3 kg max
Delta Pressure 1.5 – 2 kg / Cm
Retention 90%

Slim Cartridge Filter Price- INR 339/-


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