Pressure Gauge

This is a 50mm stainless steel gel-filled pressure gauge with a pressure measuring range of 0-100 psi. It is generally used in applications where there is vibration or shock, as the gel filling helps to dampen these effects and protect the gauge from damage. It is also applicable for use with liquids or gases which are not compatible with glycerin-filled gauges.

These Pressure Gauges are versatile bourbon tube-based appliances with SS movement. Stainless steel structure provides a good blend of corrosion resistance and power. The Stainless Steel Construction Pressure Gauge, Safety Glass Lens, Full Protection, Fellable Case. Pressure Gauges are planned and completed for reduction of failure and to guard personnel and goods. These Pressure Gauges are prepared with Glycerin. Fillings grant extra stability from vibration, pulsation, and shock.

  Tire Pressure Gauge Features and Advantages

  • It has Stainless steel construction for durability.
  • It contains Gel-filled for vibration and shock resistance.
  • It is Suitable for use with liquids or gases.
  • It is Easy to read dial.
  • This is Available in a variety of mounting options.

If you are searching for a pressure gauge which is durable, reliable, and accurate, this 50mm stainless steel gel-filled pressure gauge is a ideal.

Here are a few more things for consideration when selecting pressure gauge:

  1. The pressure range you require: First, Ensures the gauge you choose has a pressure range that is high enough for your application.
  2. The accuracy you require: The accuracy of a pressure gauge is usually expressed as a percentage of the full scale reading. For example, a gauge with an accuracy of ±2% will be accurate to within 2 psi of the reading on a 100 psi gauge.
  3. The type of connection you require: The Pressure gauges are available with a variety of connection types, such as NPT, BSP, and metric. Make sure the gauge you choose has a connection that is compatible with your application.

Pressure Gauge for Tires Specifications 

Dial Size 63mm which gives you clear info.
Pressure Measuring Range 100 PSI(7 kg/cm2)
Design Robust

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Pressure Gauge Tire Price-INR 699/-