String Wound Filter Cartridge

The String Wound Filter Cartridge, as well as known as a depth filter cartridge, which is a type of filter generally used  in water filtration applications for eliminating sediment, sand, and other impurities from water. They are designed for capturing particles throughout the entire depth of the filter media, offering high dirt-holding capacity and longer lifespans compared to surface filters.

Polypropylene String Wound Filter Cartridge Main Features 

  • It is Made by tightly winding polypropylene yarn around a central core, creating a multi-layered filtration media.
  • The density of the winding increases towards the core, capturing progressively smaller particles as water flows through.
  • This design provides excellent dirt-holding capacity and extends the filter’s lifespan.

String Wound Filter Cartridge Applications 

  1. This is initially used in residential and commercial water filtration systems as pre-filters for reverse osmosis systems, drinking water systems, and other applications requiring high-quality water.
  2. This is also suitable for industrial filtration applications such as food and beverage processing, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

String Wound Filter Cartridge Advantages 

  1. The depth filtration design allows them to capture and retain vast amount of impurities before requiring replacement.
  2. Their extended dirt-holding capacity translates to longer filter life, reducing maintenance frequency and costs.
  3. This is price productive: it is commonly more affordable compared to other filter types such as pleated cartridges.
  4. Wide range of micron ratings: Available in various micron ratings to target specific filtration requirements, from coarse sediment removal to finer particle capture.
String Wound Filter Cartridge Specifications 
  1. It contains extensive chemical adaptability and long assistance filter life.
  2. It can 100% polypropylene permits no odor, foaming, adhesives, and no fine fiber dropping out.
  3. It has large dirt handling capacity.
  4. This is ISO Certified Product.
  5. This is Ideal for all Filtration Applications.
String Wound Cartridge Price- INR 799/-

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