500 LPH-Semi-Automatic RO-TDS upto1500

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500 LPH RO Plant Specification

  1. It has a high duty system which can operate for up to 10 hours without any break.
  2. The Less manual work is needed due to the semi Automation feature.
  3. There is no General Maintenance needed because of the long service duration.
  4. Easy to operate (Plug and Play system) hassle-free work.
  5. The water recovery rate is 60%.
  6. Inlet TDS is Up to 1500 ppm.
  7. The MOC (Material of Construction)is Stainless steel.



500 LPH RO

The 500 LPH-Semi-Automatic RO-TDS upto 1500 is a robust commercial or industrial water purification system designed to produce 500 liters of purified water per hour while handling inlet water with Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) up to 1500 ppm. It operates with minimal manual intervention, making it a suitable choice for various applications requiring reliable and efficient clean water production.

Main Features:

  • Capacity:it produces 500 liters of purified water per hour, catering to moderate to high water requirements in businesses such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities.
  • Semi-Automatic Operation:It requires minimal manual intervention, with automated features for tasks such as feed pump operation, pressure control, and flushing, decreasing operational burden.
  • High TDS Handling:Handles inlet water with TDS levels up to 1500 ppm, making it suitable for areas with challenging water conditions where pre-filtration might be needed for higher TDS levels.
  • Multi-stage Filtration:Typically employs sediment filters, carbon filters, and a high-pressure RO membrane to remove impurities such as dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals, ensuring high-quality water.

500 LPH RO Advantages

  • Cost-Effective:Provides a reliable and cost-efficient water source compared to bottled water or hauling, especially in areas with high TDS water.
  • Environmentally Friendly:Reduces reliance on bottled water and associated plastic waste, promoting sustainability.
  • Reliable and Efficient:Delivers consistent water quality with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Versatile Applications:Caters to diverse needs in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, electronics manufacturing, and general industrial use.

 Considerable Things before purchasing:

  • Specific Water Quality:While the system handles up to 1500 ppm TDS, analyze your source water’s specific contaminants to determine if extra pre-filtration is needed.
  • Flow Rate:Makes sure the system’s 500 LPH capacity aligns with your peak water demand to avoid insufficient production.
  • Maintenance:Consider the ease and cost of maintaining the system, including filter replacements and membrane cleaning.
  • Budget:RO systems vary in price based on size, features, brand, and level of automation.


RO 500 LPH Price- INR 149999/-


RO System 500 LPH Quotation

1 500 01 Rs.



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