2000 LPH Water Softener Fully-Automatic Hardness upto1500

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Automatic Softener Plant  Specification 

Capacity of Purification 2000 LPH
Mode of Operating Automatic
Hardness  of Working 1500 PPM
Size  of FRP Vessel 13*54 Inch
Size  of Multiport Valve 25 NB
Type Solid
Life  of Shelf 12 Months
Maximum Temperature 320 K


Fully Automatic Water Softener

The 2000 LPH Fully-Automatic Water Softener is your weapon against hard water, effectively treating water with inlet hardness up to 1500 PPM. Experience the benefits of softer water across your home or business:

Powerful Function:

  1. 2000 liters per hour:  it provides efficient softened water for homes with high requirements, businesses, or also for small industries.
  2. 100 % Automatic: Enjoy convenience with automated regeneration, eliminating manual tasks and ensuring consistent performance.
  3. High Hardness Handling: Handles challenging water conditions with its 1500 PPM capacity, tackling scale buildup, soap scum, and mineral deposits.

RO Water Plant 2000 LPH Advantages

  1. Smoother skin and hair: The Softer water is gentler on your skin &hair, leaving them feeling softer and healthier.
  2. Protection of Appliance:Say goodbye to premature appliance wear and tear caused by hard water buildup.
  3. Cleaning ease:it consumes less cleaning time and effort thanks to decreased soap scum and scale.
  4. Efficient detergent use:You can get more out of your soaps and detergents with softer water.
  5. Tastier water:Enjoy the improved taste and clarity of softened water for drinking and cooking.

Important considerable things before purchasing:

  1. Water quality analysis:Whereas it tackles high hardness, you can consult a professional for a full analysis of your specific water.
  2. Installation and maintenance:The Proper installation and periodic maintenance (filter replacements etc.) are crucial.
  3. Budget: First, Consider the initial cost and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Professional Guidance:

It is crucial to seek advice from a certified expert in water treatment. They have the ability to evaluate your requirements, suggest the appropriate system, and provide assistance with the installation, upkeep, and continuous support.

Experience the benefits of using this high-capacity 2000 LPH water softener, which provides your home or business with gentler and purer water. Enhance your water experience and improve convenience by taking advantage of this powerful appliance.


Water Softener Automatic Price – INR 69999/-

Automatic Softener Plant Quotation 

1 3000 LPH Water Softener 01 Rs.


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