Ultra Filtration Plant

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Ultra Filtration Plant Specification 

  • Type -UF
  • Automation Grade – Semi-Automatic, Automatic
  • Country of Origin – India



Ultrafiltration Plant

The Ultra Filtration Plant is a water purification system that employs membranes to physically remove impurities from water. Unlike RO systems, UF plants utilize membranes with larger pores, which allows them to effectively filter out suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, viruses, and some larger organic molecules. The versatility of UF plants makes them a popular choice for various applications.

Water treatment for drinking purposes can be used as a preliminary step before employing reverse osmosis systems, or it can be utilized alone to produce safe drinking water. In the industrial sector, water treatment is employed as a preliminary measure prior to other purification methods or to eliminate particular pollutants. Wastewater treatment aids in the removal of solids and enhances water quality for either reuse or discharge. Within the food and beverage industry, water treatment is applied to clarify juices, wines, and other beverages. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical sector uses water treatment to concentrate proteins and other biological substances.

  • Membranes Pressure: it operates at lower pressure than RO systems, reducing energy consumption.
  • It eliminates Wide range of impurities.
  • It is productive against bacteria, viruses, suspended solids, and some organic particles.
  • Its Pre-treatment often needed.
  • It requires pre-filtration for eliminating larger molecules which could clog the membranes.
  • Concentrate stream: it produces a concentrated stream of contaminants that needs proper disposal.


Water Treatment Solutions:

For drinking water: As a pre-treatment for RO systems or a standalone solution for safe drinking water.

For industrial water: Pre-treatment before other purification processes or removal of specific contaminants.

For wastewater: Removal of solids and improvement of water quality for reuse or discharge.

For food and beverage industry: Clarification of juices, wines, and other beverages.

* For pharmaceutical industry: Concentration of proteins and other biological molecules.

other treatment methods.

Lower energy consumption: Operates at lower pressure than RO systems.

Versatility: Applicable to various water treatment needs across different industries.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

Source water quality: Analyze your specific water contaminants to determine if UF is suitable and if pre-treatment is needed.

Water treatment for drinking purposes can be used as a preliminary process for reverse osmosis systems or as an independent method for creating safe drinking water. It is also employed in industrial water treatment to serve as a pre-treatment step prior to other purification methods or to eliminate particular impurities. Wastewater treatment is carried out to eliminate solids and enhance water quality for either reuse or discharge.

Desired water quality: Determine the level of purification required for your application.

Flow rate: Select a system with a capacity that meets your water demand.

Maintenance: Consider the ease and cost of maintaining the system, including membrane cleaning and replacement.

Budget: UF plants vary in price depending on size, features, and brand.


Ultra Filtration Plant Price-INR 459999/-

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