Spun Filter


Spun Filter


Spun Filter

Form, Non Threaded. Thick Layer High Grade Top Quality Cartridge Candle.. One of the most common problems in India is muddy ground water, which is polluted by carbon dust and colloidal particles… Public Metro/Municipal Company Water can also be combined with various pollutants. The Consistency SPUN AND THREAD  CARTRIDGE is designed to absorb all sand particles to provide clean water for crystals….. If the water in your environment is polluted with mud and carbon dust, it is advised that you use a High Duty RO Candle that follows the requirements rather than a low-quality spun cartridge. Compatible with many RO brands, suitable for popular RO water filter purifiers available in India and  Models-Can be found in different models of water purifier-Counter Top, Desk Top, Stand Mounted, Wall Hanging, Under Sink, most cabinets of the RO type. Health is wealth. To prevent waterborne diseases, secure your RO drinking water purifier with efficient and quality filters depending on water quality in your area. Specification Predictor The SPUN AND THREAD CARTILAGE has a 5 micron outer diameter. – Hard Duty -…Material – High Quality Food Grade PP.. minimise the size and diameter of the RO Cartridge, resulting in poor Spun Filter life. Buyers are asked to search for successful RO filtration for the Normal Outer Diameter.. This filter cartridge is not compliant with threaded Aqua Guard Filter models and is not designed for them.


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