Multi Port Valve

The Multi Port Valve is a versatile valve that features multiple ports, typically three, four, or five, offering 3, 4- or 5-way control, respectively. Its primary function is to facilitate the selection of various flow paths, allowing the process to proceed as intended, thereby meeting the customer’s specific requirements.

  1. The ABS Plastic used for construction is durable and can withstand physical impacts with ease, as well as being highly resistant to corrosive chemicals.
  2. It is suitable for a wide range of filtration applications.
  3. With a simple twist of the handle, it can perform functions such as backwashing, filtration, brine suction, and brine rinsing.
  4. Customers have a variety of options to choose from based on their desired flow management.
  5. The design is ergonomic for effortless

Multi Port Valve Main Features

  1. Operation of Multiport:The valve can be operated in multiple modes, including filtration, backwash, rinse, and brine suction (for softening applications).
  2. Durable construction:The valve is made of ABS plastic, which is resistant to corrosion and chemicals.
  3. Comfortable Operation:The valve is operated with a single handle, making it easy to switch between different modes.
  4. Compact design:The valve is compact and can be easily installed in tight spaces.

The Side Mount MPV 25 NB Filter is a flexible valve that can be utilized in various water treatment scenarios. It is a suitable option for both residential and commercial purposes.

Applications in different Fields

  1. The Side Mounted Filter Multiport Valve is utilized during the filtration procedure.
  2. It is used In both commercial and residential uses.

A few more things to consider before buying a Multi Port Valve

  1. The flow rate of the valve: Make sure that the valve has a flow rate that is sufficient for your needs.
  2. The variety of filter media which you will be using: The valve should be compatible with the type of filter media that you plan to use.

 Multi Port Valve Specifications

Material of Construction ABS
Maximum Flow Rate 5000 LPH @ 0.5 Kg/cm2 pressure drop
Riser Pipe Size 32mm OD PVC pipe


Inlet, Outlet, Drain Connections 1”


Multi Port Valve Price- INR 2999/-

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