RO Skid  

RO Skid  is the reverse osmosis (RO) skid, also referred to as a skid-mounted RO system, is a pre-assembled and space-saving unit that houses all the necessary components for an RO water treatment system. This particular unit has a production capacity of 50 liters per hour, which equates to approximately 1200 liters per day.

Components of RO Skid for 50 LPH RO Plant

  • The Pre-filters are generally consist of a sediment filter, carbon filter, and occasionally a softener that eliminate impurities prior to the water reaching the RO membrane.
  • The RO membrane works as the essential element which separates dissolved contaminants and salts.
  • The permeate pump raises the pressure to push water through the membrane.
  • The concentrate pump is responsible for disposing of the rejected water, also known as concentrate, from the RO process.
  • The storage tank is where the purified water is stored for future use.
  • The control panel is in charge of monitoring and managing the operation of the system. Finally, the sturdy frame holds and provides support for all the components.

Advantages of RO Skid for 50 LPH RO Plant

Here are a few of the advantages of using an RO skid for a 50 LPH RO Plant:

  • This is Comfortable with Easy Operation which simplify your experience.
  • RO skids are pre-constructed and compact, making them convenient to install and move around compared to assembling a system from separate parts.
  • They have user-friendly controls and require minimal setup, enabling you to start operating soon after connecting the necessary water lines and power.
  • This also means that you do not require a high level of technical expertise to operate the system, reducing the need for specialists.

Price of RO Skid for 50 LPH RO Plant- INR - 750/-

Specifications of RO Skid for 50 LPH RO Plant

Grade of Material SS-304
Storage Capacity 50 LPH
Shape of Base Rectangular
Material Stainless Steel
Thickness 5 – 7 MM
El FWT/PL 50


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