RO Skid  

The RO Skid-mounted system for a 25 LPH RO plant is the reverse osmosis (RO) skid, also referred to as a skid-mounted RO system, is a pre-assembled and space-saving unit that houses all the necessary components for an RO water treatment system. This particular unit has a production capacity of 25 liters per hour, which equates to approximately 600 liters per day.This is a cutting-edge solution designed to purify water by removing salts, minerals, and other impurities. This system utilizes a multi-step process, starting with hardness removal and followed by reverse osmosis, to ensure that water is thoroughly cleansed of contaminants, producing clean and pure water.

25 LPH RO Plant Skid Advantages

Here are a few of the advantages of using an RO skid for a 25 LPH RO Plant:

  1. You can enjoy the advantages of a streamlined installation procedure with our pre-assembled, compact water treatment system.
  2. Its space-saving design makes it perfect for areas with limited space, while it’s optimized components work together to deliver consistent, high-quality water treatment with a capacity of 25 LPH.
  3. Built to last, this system is designed for long-lasting operation and adheres to relevant water quality regulations for your peace of mind.
Factors to Think about before buying 25 LPH RO Plant Skid
  • Higher upfront expenses are incurred compared to constructing a system from separate parts.
  • The level of customization available may be restricted due to predetermined components.

Specialized expertise might be needed for certain troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

25 LPH RO Plant Skid Price – INR -550/-

25 LPH RO Plant Skid Specifications 

Grade of Material SS-304
Storage Capacity 25 LPH
Shape of Base Rectangular
Material Stainless Steel
Thickness 5 – 7 MM
El FWT/PL 50
Color Silver
Special Feature UV & RO

Whenever going to select a water treatment system, make sure it meets your specific needs, complies with relevant regulations, and fits within your budget and space constraints. Weigh the advantages of convenience against the advantages of customization to ensure you select the best option for your situation.

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