Bag Filter

Bag Filters, also known as fabric filters or dust collectors, are versatile air pollution control devices used to capture particulate matter from various gas streams. They are widely employed in industrial, commercial, and even residential settings for applications like:


  1. It has Power plants (to remove fly ash from flue gas).
  2. It contain Chemical processing (which captures dust from production procedures).
  3. It is used in Food and beverage manufacturing (to prevent dust contamination).
  4. Woodworking (collecting sawdust and wood chips).


  1. Welding and metalworking (capturing grinding dust and fumes)
  2. Pharmaceutical production (ensuring air cleanliness in manufacturing areas)
  3. Paint and coating booths (controlling overspray)


  1. Central heating and air conditioning systems (improving indoor air quality)
  2. Pool and spa filters (removing dust and debris from pool water).

Bag filter Bags Work Process

  • Dust-laden air enters the filter housing: The dirty air stream enters the housing through an inlet.
  • Air passes through the filter bag(s): The air flows through one or more fabric bags made of materials like polyester, nylon, or fiberglass. These materials are chosen for their ability to capture dust particles while allowing clean air to pass through.
  • Particles are trapped in the bag: As the air travels through the bag, dust particles get trapped on the fibers due to various mechanisms like sieving, interception, and diffusion.
  • Clean air exits the filter: The filtered air, now free of dust, exits the housing through an outlet.

Bag Filter Advantages

  1. It filters all the physical contaminants such as sand, mud, etc.
  2. It is Easy to use.
  3. It contains 5-Micron size so filtration will be better.
  4. It is easy to maintain and replace.

Bag Filter Dust Collector Specifications

  1. Type : Tubular type with open top and closed bottom
  2. It has Lower pressure drop
  3. It has 20-inch length
  4. It has 5-micron filtration.
  5. It has Superior efficiency.
  6. It has Smooth texture for minimal fiber migration.
  7. It contains Polypropylene construction for optimal chemical compatibility


Bag Filter Price- INR 749/-

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