1000 LPH RO Plant



  1. Provides the specific profile of water required for industrial operations.
  2. Water is needed as a coolant for industrial machinery.
  3. With Industrial RO System, a special profile of water can be created for specific uses.
  4. Cleaning water needed to be of different profiles to provide the best results.
  5. For some industries, water is used as a solvent and hence needed at special hardness or softness level.


Technical Details

  • Row Water Feed Pump

Type: Monoblock Centrifugal

Material Of Construction: C.Is

Make: CRI, Kirloskar

Drive Motor: Single Phase


  1. Sand Media Filter
  2. Micron Cartridge Filter
  3. Cartridge Housing
  4. High-Pressure Pump
  5. Membrane Housing
  6. Membrane
  7. Flow Meter
  8. Gauge


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