25 LPH RO Plant



  1. Your beverages like Tea, Coffee, etc. will taste much better.
  2. Removes harmful metals like lead, mercury, etc. from the water.
  3. Removes Cryptosporidium which is commonly found in public water supply.
  4. Maintain the sodium level in the water.
  5. Best suited for Small offices, Play Schools, Clinics, etc.
  6. Clean and crystal clear ice cubes with 100% clean water.
  7. No need to purchase expensive mineral water.
  8. Easy to maintain.
  9. Your beverages like Tea, Coffee, etc. will taste much better.
  10. Removes very harmful contaminants like lead, nitrates, and nitrites which can cause kidney stones.



  1. Impressive design with Wall-mount cum Counter-top installation option.
  2. Additional triple post RO treatment to provide better taste in water with anti-bacteria 3-in-1- Silver Doser, Taste Conditioner and Activated Carbon.
  3. Can be Attached with Water Cooler or Dispenser
  4. Auto-Start/ Auto-Stop water level cut-off available.
  5. Purification Capacity of 25 Litre/Hour.
  6. Built-in SMPS to operate from 120-280 V AC for unstable supply.
  7. Built-in storage tank with a capacity of 7 Litre and purified water level indicator.
  8. In-built flushing system to flush out any impurities.


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