RO Service Kit 1



The necessity of RO Service Kit 1 1. After 12 months RO needs to change all these 3 filters. 2. Pre-Filter traps 5-micron physical dust. 3. Sediment Cartridge traps 1-5 micron physical impurities like dust, mud etc. 4. Carbon Cartridge absorbs the bad smell, bad color, bad taste. It caused due to chemical impurities. It is very necessary to change these filters after specific intervals (advisable at 12 months) to maintain the purity of your equipment. Benefits of RO Service Kit 1 1. To Service of unit 2. To Change of pre-candle 3. To Change of Sediment Cartridge 4. To Change of Carbon Cartridge, It includes the visiting charges Terms & Conditions. The life of these filter depends upon the quantity of water usage and the quality of input raw water. It is a recommendation to change these filters after 12 months/6000 ltrs if the input water is below the limits like turbidity < 1 NTU, Iron <0.1 PPM, etc. Filters can be used earlier & there is no warranty of these filters because these are consumable items. This is a one-time service charge and it does not carry any liabilities in the future.


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