RO Pipe White 1/4

The RO Pipe White 1/4 Roll Medium is diameter, medium-length roll of pipe specifically designed for reverse osmosis (RO) systems. It is made from food-grade materials and is safe for use with drinking water.10 Meter White Ro Pipe 1/4″ size. Food Grade Plastic Flexible Pipe/Tube 1/4″ For All RO/UV Water Purifiers. Flexible, Easy To Cut Supply Tubing For Reverse Osmosis And Drinking Water Applications, Easy To Install And Replace And Can Be Installed By Yourself.PVC White RO UV Water Purifier Flexible Pipe, Thickness: 3mm To 4mm.

RO Pipe White 1/4 Advantages

Here are the following mentioned Advantages of RO Pipe White 1/4 Roll Medium:

  1. This is Long-lasting.
  2. It is created from top-notch materials that are able to endure the pressures and temperatures encountered in RO systems.
  3. It is sealed: it is engineered to situate secure closures with RO system elements, thus avoiding any leakage.
  4. It is Safe for consumption.
  5. It is applicable for usage with drinking water and will not release any toxic substances into the water.
  6. It has Simplified handling.
  7. It can be effortlessly trimmed and installed using fundamental tools.
  8. It is Adaptable.
  9. It is Suitable for a range of RO system uses, including linking filters, membranes, and tanks.

Key factors to think about before buying RO Pipe White 1/4 Roll Medium.

  • Firstly, ensure that the roll meets your required length.
  • Ensure that the diameter is suitable for the components of your RO system.
  • Opt for a material that is considered safe for drinking water.
  • Opt for a well-known brand that provides a warranty for their products.

RO Pipe Price- INR-650/-

RO Pipe Specifications

Name of Model HIGH Grade 100 Meter White Pipe ROLL 1/4″for RO Water Purifier
Type Pleated
Material of Filter Polypropylene (PP)
Micron Rating 0.5
Stages of Filtration 1

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