Flow Restrictor

The Flow Restrictor 450 is a crucial element in reverse osmosis (RO) water purification systems, responsible for managing the water flow across the RO membrane. By regulating the flow, it enhances the filtration process, resulting in improved purification efficiency.

The  Flow Restrictor is an apparatus that restricts the rate of fluid flow, commonly water, within a conduit or tubing. They find usage in various scenarios, encompassing:

  1. RO systems rely on flow restrictors to regulate water flow through the membrane, ensuring peak performance and efficiency.
  2. Similarly, irrigation systems use flow restrictors to allocate the appropriate amount of water to each plant or area.

Main Features of Flow Control Valve 

  1. The primary purpose of the Flow Restrictor 450 is to generate resistance in the RO system, which aids in maintaining a consistent water flow through the membrane.
  2. The Flow Restrictor 450 is compatible with a range of residential and commercial RO water purifiers. It is typically constructed as a compact cylinder using durable materials like plastic or stainless steel.
  3. The flow rate can differ based on the manufacturer and the specific needs of your RO system.
  4. To install the Flow Restrictor 450, it is commonly placed in the tubing or flow line of the RO system, specifically after the membrane and before the storage tank.

Flow Restrictor 450 Price – INR- 15/-

Flow Control Valve Types

The primary purpose of the Flow Restrictor 450 in the RO system. flow restrictors are accessible, each with its distinct design and purpose. Certain commonly used flow restrictor variants encompass:

Fluid flow control devices:

  • Orifice plates: It contains circular plates with a central aperture that regulates fluid flow.
  • Venturi restrictors: Devices that utilize the Venturi effect to create pressure variations and limit fluid flow.
  • Needle valves: Valves with a small, adjustable needle that controls fluid flow.
  • Electronic flow restrictors: This is devices that use sensors and electronic valves to regulate fluid flow.

Flow Restrictor for RO System Specifications 

Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Item Weight 150 Grams
Product Benefits Boosts Immunity
Brand Generic

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