Flow Restrictor  

The Flow Restrictor -350  is a crucial element in reverse osmosis (RO) water purification systems, responsible for managing the water flow across the RO membrane. By regulating the flow, it enhances the filtration process, resulting in improved purification efficiency.

100% True HIGH Efficiency FLOW 350 FR IN RO FR is made entirely of food-grade plastic, which is both sturdy and smooth enough to resist RO membrane blockage. Technology A Half PUSH Suit for PUSH Long-term application of easy-to-use lightweight spring running at 8 cm long and 8 cm round diameter RO membrane wast nozel, suitable for any type of RO water purifier, such as Kent, Aquagurad, and Aquagrand. SUITABLE HOT & COLD WATER for USE

Advantages of Flow Control Hydraulic Valve

  1. Flow Restrictor RO systems controls the flow of concentrate (waste) to optimize water economy.
  2. It makes sure adequate back pressure for optimum pressure of membrane.
  3. Ensures RO membrane pores don’t get prematurely fouled by dissolved minerals.
  4. Different capacities available from 200 to 1500 cc (ml)

Main Features of Flow Control Valve 

  1. The initially purpose of the Flow Restrictor 450 is to generate resistance in the RO system, which aids in maintaining a consistent water flow through the membrane.
  2. The Flow Restrictor 450 is compatible with a range of residential and commercial RO water purifiers. It is typically constructed as a compact cylinder using durable materials like plastic or stainless steel.
  3. The flow rate can differ based on the manufacturer and the specific needs of your RO system.
  4. To install the Flow Restrictor 450, it is commonly placed in the tubing or flow line of the RO system, specifically after the membrane and before the storage tank.

Flow Restrictor 450 Price – INR-15/-

Flow Restrictor for RO System Specifications 

Material Jacco
Item Weight 800 Grams
Product Benefits Boosts Immunity
Product Dimensions 25D x 15W x 25H Centimeters

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