Silver Basic


Silver Basic


Silver Basic

Silver Basic is one of the package which includes Pipe, Connectors, C & X Clamp, Metal Fittings, Warranty Card, Membrane Housing, Float Valve, Tap, FR, Hero SV and Labour etc.

Pipe: 10 Meter White Ro Pipe 1/4″ size. Pipe is /Tube 1/4″ For All RO/UV Water Purifiers. Flexible, Easy To Cut Supply Tubing For Reverse Osmosis And Drinking Water Applications, Easy To Install And Replace And Can Be Installed By Yourself. 

Here are some of the features of the product:

  • it is Made of food-grade plastic, which is safe for drinking water.
  • it is Flexible and easy to cut, so you can install it in tight spaces.
  • ithas simple installation and replace.
  • it can be installed by yourself.

C & X Clamp: A C & X Clamp in an RO system refers to two specific types of clamps used for different purposes:

1. C-Clamp:

  • Function: This is a general-purpose clamp shaped like the letter “C” with a screw mechanism that tightens the jaws to grip objects.
  • Use in RO systems: It’s primarily used for temporary purposes, such as:
    • Holding pre-filters or post-filters in place during installation or maintenance.
    • Clamping tubing to a support bracket for temporary routing.
    • Securing other components during repairs or modifications.

2. X-Clamp:

  • Function: This is a specialized clamp designed specifically for RO systems. It has an “X” shaped body with four prongs that fit into grooves on RO filter housings.
  • Use in RO systems: It’s used to firmly secure RO filter housings in place, ensuring a leak-proof seal and proper operation. They come in different sizes to fit various filter housing diameters.

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