Float Valve for RO

In reverse osmosis (RO) systems,the float valve plays a crucial role in regulating the water level in the storage tank. When the tank is full, the valve automatically halts water flow, and when the level drops below a specific point, it restarts the flow. This procedure helps prevent overflow and maintain a steady supply of purified water.

Valve for Flow Control main Advantages

The Advantages of Float Valves in Reverse Osmosis Systems: 

  1. It Safeguards against water damage and safety risks by preventing overflows.
  2. It also makes sure a steady supply of treated water without manual input.
  3. It improves the lifespan of the system by regulating water levels and minimizing stress on its components.

Relationship Harmony:

Engineered to fit Dolphin RO systems (ensure compatibility with your specific model).
May also work with other RO systems that employ similar valves.

New Option are Available:

  • It is necessary to replace a faulty Float Valve to regulate water levels effectively.
  • Make sure to select a replacement valve that’s compatible with your Dolphin RO system.

Here are a few important Factor before Selecting the Right Float Valve for Your Reverse Osmosis System:

  1. To ensure seamless integration with your reverse osmosis system, carefully select a float valve that is designed for your specific model.
  2. Consider the size of your storage tank when choosing a valve to guarantee a precise fit.
  3. Durability and resistance to corrosion are key factors when deciding between plastic or stainless steel float valves.
  4. Moreover, some float valves offer convenient features such as adjustable water level settings or automatic shut-off in case of leaks, which can enhance the overall performance of your system.


Float Valve Price- INR-30/-

RO Float Valve Specifications

Type Solid
Material  of Filter Plastic
Micron Rating 0.5
Stages of Filtration 1
Life of Shelf 2 Year

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