Kent RO Cover 

RO Body Cover for your Kent water purifier is essential to protect it from dust, dirt, and other external elements.

Kent offers branded body covers specifically designed for their different RO models. These covers are made from high-quality fabric and fit snugly onto the purifier, making sure optimal protection.

This cover enhances the efficiency of your purifier and is ideal for all forms of water purifiers. this is idle for water purifiers of all sorts. This is built with high-quality materials. Care guidance stay away from the goods or products which can damage this product.

These specially structured covers match your RO comfortably and save your RO from the stain of sweat, mud, and other particles and keep your RO brand fresh. The front layer is translucent enough that you can clearly see the status and run your RO, the sides are printed so that they give a new fresh look to your RO and the back is a velcro enclosure so that your RO system matches the cover.

Kent RO Cover Main Features

    • It is Designed specifically for different Kent RO models.
    • It is made from high-quality fabric for durability and breathability.
    • Snug fit for optimal protection.
    • It is available through Kent’s official website and authorized retailers.

Kent RO Cover Advantages

  • It is Guaranteed compatibility and perfect fit.
  • it is made up with Kent’s quality standards.
  • it May come with a warranty.

Kent RO Cover Specifications

  • Material: Food-grade ABS/SAN plastic, known for being transparent, lightweight, and durable.
  • Capacity: Available in two options: 12 liters and 15 liters.

 Considerable Factors:

  • Compatibility: FIrst make sure the cabinet size and filter capacity connect with  your specific RO system.
  • Installation: If not experienced with DIY projects, consider professional installation or check if detailed instructions are included.

Kent RO Body Cabinet Price- INR-60/-

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