Ro Antiscalant 

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In reverse osmosis (RO) systems,this is a unique chemical known as RO Antiscalant is employed to avert the accumulation of scale and other precipitates on the membrane. Without this preventative measure, these buildups can diminish regulation, harm the membrane, and limit the lifespan of your RO system.RO Antiscalant effectively stabilizes supersaturated salt solutions, preventing membrane surface precipitation and the subsequent risk of scaling. By minimizing the use of harmful acids, it promotes a safer and more efficient process. The antiscalant chemical works to maintain dissolved solids in solution or lower the pH to dissolve existing scale, ensuring an optimal conversion rate for the desired outcome.

Antiscalant For RO Advantages 

  • Antiscalants are a valuable tool in maintaining the capacity and longevity of your reverse osmosis (RO) system.
  • By stopping the formation of scales on the membrane, antiscalants promote optimal water flow and purification, making sure that your system operates at peak performance.
  • This not only prolongs the life of your costly RO membrane but also decreases the requirement for frequent cleaning and maintenance, saving you time and effort.
  • Moreover, the usage of antiscalants contributes to higher water quality and consistent system performance, making them an essential component of your RO system’s maintenance routine.

RO Antiscalant Chemical Working Process

  • An antiscalant is added to the feedwater prior to reaching the RO membranes, which inhibits the reaction between calcium magnesium and bicarbonate.
  • it stops the formation of scale when the water is purified by the RO system, as the water only remains in the membrane system for a limited duration during treatment.

Antiscalant Chemical For RO Applications

The effectiveness of the PA0100 substance can be maximized by injecting it before the membrane system, preferably before cartridge filters. Any sector or situation that utilizes reverse osmosis membranes or cartridge filters would greatly advantage from implementing an antiscalant dosing system.

  • Water Recycling & Reuse
  • Power and Energy
  • Mining
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Food & Drinking Water
  • Desalination
  • Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE)
  • Rain Water
  • Off-Shore Applications
  • Island Applications
  • Irrigation
  • Fossil Water
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Dust Suppression
  • Disaster Relief
  • Brackish Water

Antiscalant Balls for RO Water Purifier Features and Chemical Specifications

  1. Antiscalant is a powerful inhibitor against a variety of scales including:Highly effective at low dose rates in a wide range of feed water types and pH ranges.
  2. CaCO 3 CCPP>900
  3. (LSI>2.8)
  4. CaSO 43.0 x Ksp
  5. BaSO 4105 x Ksp
  6. SrSO 420 x Ksp
  7. CaF 1000 x Ksp
  8. SiO 2 120ppm


  • It is Compatible with polyelectrolyte.
  • It offers both scale and inorganic fouling control.
  • It is Compatible with all membrane verities.


Chemical Specifications
Appearance: Clear-yellow liquid
Odor: Odorless
pH (2% solution): 5.0 – 6.5
Specific gravity @ 20°C: 1.1 ± 0.05


RO Antiscalant Price – INR 520/Ltr/-

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