Osram UV Lamp

The Osram is a prominent producer of ultraviolet (UV) lamps, providing a diverse range of choices for multiple uses, such as water disinfection, air purification, and industrial curing processes.

Osram UV Lamp Advantages

Osram UV Lamps: Here is mentioned A Guide to Their Advantages:

  • Osram UV lamps are synonymous with excellence, offering a wide range of certifications and compliance with industry standards.
  • With a variety of types, wattages, and lengths to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect lamp for your specific needs.
  • Plus, many Osram UV lamps boast extended life spans, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing maintenance costs.
  • And, with a commitment to innovation, Osram is constantly pushing the boundaries of UV lamp technology, ensuring improved performance and efficiency.

Applications of RO UV Lamp 

  • Water treatment: The Elimination of harmful microorganisms from potable water, sewage, and industrial process water.
  • Purification of Air: Neutralization of airborne pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, in residential, healthcare, and commercial settings.
  • Surface disinfection: Sanitization of surfaces in food production, healthcare facilities, and research environments.
  • Industrial curing: Drying and hardening of inks, adhesives, and coatings in various manufacturing processes.
  • Medical devices: Sanitization of medical tools and equipment.

Selection of  the Best Osram UV Lamp for Your Need: 

Here are the following factors mentioned below:


  1. Purpose: Could you clarify the lamp’s intended use, such as water purification or air sanitization?
  2. Wavelength: Various applications require different wavelengths of UV light for maximum efficiency.
  3. Power: The UV output intensity is determined by the wattage, which is also influenced by the treatment area’s size or water flow rate.

UV Lamp Price - INR-450/-

Specifications of RO UV Lamp 

Nominal voltage 91.0 V


Lamp voltage


91 V


Construction voltage


91.00 V


Nominal current


0.16 A
Lamp Current 0.16 A
Nominal Wattage 11 Watt

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