Arque SMPS

It offers a line of Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) specifically crafted to energize Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration systems.hese SMPS units are specifically designed to power reverse osmosis (RO) water purification systems.

It also offers a line of  the Switching Mode Power Supplies (S Material – Polypropylene Type – Solid Filter Type – Solid Filter Type – Solid Filter Type – Solid Filter Type (PP)

3 year shelf life Suitable for all types of RO water purifiers (electric and non-electric).

1 Power Adapter for RO Water Purifier, Short Circuit Safety Overload Protection over Temperature Protection Soft Start Service life is extended. 2.5 amps of existing power Arque Power Supply is included in the box (SMPS)

Main Features of SMPS

There are some Essential Elements:

  1. Arque SMPS offers a range of models with varying power outputs (24V, 36V, etc.) to cater to different RO system requirements.
  2. Their compact design and lightweight construction make them easy to install in most RO systems.
  3. Additionally, Arque SMPS are generally more affordable than some other major brands, making them a cost-effective option.
  4. They can be easily found online and in physical stores that sell water purifier components and accessories.

There are some important Factors to Ponder:

  1. To ensure a seamless integration with your RO system, carefully select an Arque SMPS model that meets its specific voltage and power demands.
  2. Consult your RO system’s manual or specifications for precise requirements.
  3. While affordability is important, assess the product’s reliability by analyzing user reviews and warranty information.
  4. Additionally, compare Decent Enterprises’ reputation with that of established brands offering RO system power supplies. This will provide you with greater peace of mind when making your decision.

SMPS Price- INR-240/-

Advantages of SMPS

  • Higher efficiency of 68% to 90%
  • Regulated and reliable outputs regardless of variations in input supply voltage
  • Small size and lighter
  • Flexible technology
  • High power density

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