Anti-Scalant Balls

Anti- Scalant Balls in reverse osmosis (RO) systems, is tiny porous spheres called anti-scalant balls or antiscalant media are employed to prevent the buildup of mineral scales and membrane fouling. These balls release precise amounts of antiscalant chemicals into the water, which bind to minerals that can cause scaling and prevent them from attaching to the RO membrane. As a result, water flow remains optimized, and the membrane’s performance stays unhindered.

Antiscalant Balls for RO Water Purifier Main Advantages

  • It Minimizes Scaling Issues.
  • Calcium and magnesium minerals can precipitate out of solution and attach to the RO membrane, diminishing water flow and perhaps harming the membrane.
  • This can be prevented by using anti-scalant balls, which keep the minerals suspended in the water.
  • It improves Membrane Durability.
  • By inhibiting the scaling process, anti-scalant beads can aid in extending the life of your RO membrane, a pricey replacement.
  • Anti-scalant balls can aid in minimizing RO system maintenance since they help to avoid scale accumulation, a difficult-to-clean problem.
  • It also Enhances Water Quality, by preventing scaling, anti-scalant balls can increase the quality of your RO water. Scaling has the potential to introduce contaminants into the water, such as lead and copper.

Considerations for before using Anti-Scalant Balls

  • There are various categories of antiscalant chemicals that have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • It is crucial to select the appropriate antiscalant type for your water source and reverse osmosis (RO) system.
  • The proper dosage of antiscalant is also essential.
  • Excessive use can lead to chemical waste and environmental harm, whereas insufficient use will not produce the desired results.
Antiscalant Balls Price - INR -150/-

Antiscalant Balls Specifications


Item Dimensions LxWxH 2 x 2 x 2 Centimeters
Item Weight 12 grams
Included Components 25 Antiscalant Balls
Material Siliphos
Size 25 Piece Set
Special Features Convert Hard water into soft water. Removes Scale from water. Improves RO system performance and membrane life
External Testing Certification NSF/ANSI 58
Product Benefits Remove Slime, Rust, Sand, Dust and Grass
Warranty Description Manufacturer warranty for Transit Damage

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