4040 RO Membrane

The 4040 RO Membrane is a high-quality reverse osmosis (RO) membrane designed for a wide range of water treatment applications.The standard 4040 RO Membrane is a low energy membrane which can generate up to 411 litres of RO water per hour with an impressive rejection rate of 99.3%. The 4040 High Flow RO membrane is a higher pressure membrane offering higher permeate production of up to 522 litres per hour at the same 99.3% rejection rate.

4040 RO Membrane Housing Main Features

  1. It has High salt rejection.
  2. It can remove Up to 99% rejection of total dissolved solids (TDS), making sure clean and purified water.
  3. It has the High water flow rate.
  4. It can passes up to 3,600 liters per day (950 gallons per day), meeting the requirements of different applications.
  5. It has wide operating pressure range.
  6. It cans Operates productively at pressures between 100 and 400 psi, offering flexibility for different system configurations.
  7. It has a Durable construction.
  8. It is made from high-quality Polyamide composite material, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

4040 RO Membrane Advantages 

  1. It can offer clean and safe drinking water.
  2. It productively eliminates harmful impurities and impurities, enhancing the taste and quality of your drinking water.
  3. It decreases the trust on bottled water.
  4. It Saves money and decreases plastic waste by offering clean drinking water at home.
  5. It enhances appliance lifespan.
  6. It makes safe from appliances such as coffee makers and ice makers from damage caused by hard water minerals.
  7. It is Versatile for different application.
  8. It is applicable for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment requirements.

4040 RO Membrane Price- INR 12499/-

4040 RO Membrane Specifications

  1. The Maximum Flow Capacity is 250 LPH.
  2. The Membranes are made from Cross-linked fully aromatic polyamide.
  3. It eliminates up to 99% Of Total Dissolved Solids.
  4. This Membrane eliminates dissolved Impurities like Chloride, Lead, Fluoride, and Bacteria.
  5. It is Inspected and checked thoroughly before shipping.


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