20″ Water Filter Housing


20″ Water Filter Housing

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‘Compatible for all 20″ industrial water purifier plants (50 lph or 100 lph) “Filters for slim sediment

To drinkable water, the housing is made of high-quality food-grade abs material, and the connection is 1″ inch, with 1” inch connection connectors for quick mounting.

By using 20 simple steps, you can reduce dirt, sand, and other small particles in your home or business “inch sediment filter or spun filter

For high-flow and heavy-sediment applications, a large filter housing is required.

20” WATER FILTER HOSUING Purifiers are a good fit. 100 Lph – 25 Lph Pre-filter bowls of the highest quality. It’s simple to install and replace, and there’s no need to hire an expensive expert technician or a Ro engineer.


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