Water Softener for 1000 liters

1000 LPH Water Softener Fully-Automatic  is fully automatic water softener Having trouble dealing with issues caused by hard water such as the accumulation of scale, soap residue, and mineral deposits? The 1000 LPH water softener, which operates automatically, is here to save the day! Let’s discover how it effectively tackles the challenges of hard water.

Important Function:

Capable of treating 1000 liters per hour, this device is perfect for households or small enterprises that have a moderate water usage. With its fully automated system, it guarantees hassle-free regeneration and delivers consistent performance effortlessly. Furthermore, it effectively deals with moderate hardness levels, handling water with an inlet hardness of up to 500 PPM, effectively resolving common hard water problems.

Water Softener for 1000 ltr Water Tank Advantages:

  • Softer, smoother skin and hair:You can feel the luxury of softer water that is gentler on your body.
  • Longer appliance lifespan: It protect your valuable appliances from hard water damage and extend their life.
  • Reduced cleaning time and effort: Less cleaning thanks to diminished soap scum and scale buildup.
  • More efficient use of soaps and detergents: Get more out of your cleaning products with softer water.
  • Enjoyable water: Savor the improved taste and clarity of softened water for drinking and cooking.

 Powerful Performance:

  • Treats 1000 liters per hour: Ideal for homes with moderate water demand or small businesses.
  • Fully automatic: Enjoy convenience with automated regeneration for consistent performance and minimal effort.
  • Handles moderate hardness: Effectively treats water with inlet hardness up to 500 PPM, addressing common hard water issues.

 Important factors Before purchasing: 

  • Water quality analysis: While it handles moderate hardness, consult a professional for a detailed analysis of your specific water.
  • Installation and maintenance: consider the Proper installation and periodic maintenance (filter replacements etc.) are necessary.
  • Budget: You can Consider the initial cost and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Water Softener for 1000 ltr Water Tank Price- INR 64999

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Water Softener for 1000 ltr Specification

Capacity  of Purification 1000 LPH
Mode  of Operating Automatic
Working Hardness 1500 PPM
Size of FRP Vessel 10*54 Inch
Size  of Multiport Valve 20 NB
Type Solid
Life  of Shelf 12 Months


Water Softener for 1000 ltr Quotation

1 1000 LPH Water Softener 01 Rs.